Old is the new black

Since I’m trying to switch to a more sustainable approach in beauty, I’m also interested in environmental aspects of the fashion industry – and generally, consuming fashion. In Hungary, we have the amazing Holy Duck blog with the outstanding writing style of Mengyán Eszter. Her work I think is totally relevant and needed to open up the eyes about how we are destroying (on the personal level) global society and environment only by buying one piece of a fast fashion product. Don’t get me wrong. I did it only a few weeks ago when I paid 5 euros for a Carnival costume in Primark in the Netherlands. But at least I felt bad… Because I am aware of the personal responsibility I have with any of my buying decisions.

Because of the unquestionable connection between beauty and fashion, I think this blog or my field of interest couldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk or think about sustainable fashion also. As in everything, in this field, I’m also looking for the easiest way possible to go. I wouldn’t be able to search for months for extraordinarily sustainable pieces of fashion, neither could I pay triple price for designer clothes which happen to be even sustainable when it comes to material or production methods.

This is why buying fashion in a social way in practice means buying second hand for me. To promote this kind of consumer culture, I decided to come up with a fashion&beauty project to show the doubters that with a bit of sense for trends and visual harmony you can be a high fashion styled diva while you are:

  • following a sustainable path by reusing pieces that would go to waste otherwise (so on a bigger picture you are actually reducing waste),

  • not supporting mega-companies that are using children’s labor and not providing the basic work safety to any of their – of course mostly unofficial- employees,

  • promoting this trend for your friends and family,

  • expressing yourself by having a unique style and pieces of clothes that you won’t ever see on the streets on someone else,

  • and saving loads of money. But really!

For additional information about the above-mentioned mega companies’ horrors, visit Holy Duck blog, or watch the movie called The true cost.

Now let me show the first campaign material that is a result of an extra fun get-together with an amazing team.

Photos: András Márton Photo

Styling: Ana Jazbec

Model: Sanja Macesic

Makeup: me (using 95% natural, certified products)

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