My latest beauty related waste reduction experiments

Since I’m here in Slovenia, I’m trying harder to find new methods and ways to keep having my beauty care obsession – but with more sustainable approaches on the way.

When it comes to waste reduction, a green beauty junkie has hard times thinking about how the hell to reduce the waste and still feel satisfied with trying out new stuff, experimenting and indulging in pleasures of beauty care and makeup. I decided to get inspired from all around and try things I have never tried before.

Well, let me introduce my most recent and POSITIVE experiences about reducing waste in the bathroom.

+Washable makeup remover pads+

Now, this is the best thing on Earth! I’m using the washable makeup remover pads of a local social company, Kiss. They are producing washable materials from diapers, through menstrual and everyday pads, to handkerchiefs. I got in touch with the company through my organization, Závod Knof since it is an incubator for social businesses from all around Slovenia.

I was very happy to find these little remover pads because I didn’t like the idea to keep using the cotton ones which will end up being on the top of the landfill of waste. Well, I can happily announce that these pads totally proved! I am using them every single day when I am wearing mascara. They are serving a great alternative also for the small towels I mentioned before (in Hungarian). Why? Because you can immediately wash them with warm water and soap and by putting them on the radiator, they will get dry for the next day. Guaranteed! Very soft, easy-to-use things to remove your makeup every day. And you know how many pieces you need of them? Only one! At least, I am using only one piece, washing, and drying and reusing it every day. You can also collect them if you are using more pieces and put them to the washing machine. Although for me it doesn’t seem to make any sense since you have to mix them with other pieces of clothes or textiles so they won’t be as clean as they are if you are washing them by hands immediately after usage. It takes only 1,5 minutes. By using these pads you reduce tons of waste going out from your bathroom. Isn’t it great?

Illustration, not Kiss products. Source:

+Biodegradable cotton buds+

A lot of people are questioning if it is any useful or healthy at all to use buds. For me, it’s a part of the routine that I can hardly give up. On the other hand, for doing the smudging part of smokey makeups, I also love to use them since they work better than any brushes. And don’t even mention the correction-making in the makeup. Hands down, buds are simply essential in my opinion!

Times ago I didn’t even think about what is happening with these buds after I throw them away. Since their plastic stick part will never decompose (because we all know, plastic doesn’t decompose, only falling apart to tiny pieces), they mean a lot of harm for the environment since they can easily get to waters, and wound animals.

Obviously, this need was one of those that were shouting for urgent action. Biodegradable buds are a bit more expensive than their plastic brothers but this is not a big price for a more sustainable way. At least for me. The stick of these buds is made of paper which is decomposing, just as the cotton part of it. You can even put them to the compost! Isn’t it a great thing to avoid harmed turtles and fish by only making one more conscious decision?

This viral photo was going all across the internet. It represents what is happening with our waste after we abandon it. We can act on a personal level simply by making reasonable shopping decisions and by trying to reduce our consumption. Source:

Viral photo of the fate of a cotton bud. Source:

+Multipurpose coconutoil+

I already knew how good coconut oil is, but here and now I’m experiencing how amazing it really is because this is the first period of time when I am constantly using it for multiple purposes.

  1. Makeup remover – with the washable makeup remover pads of course.

    It can be easily washed out of the textile. While it’s taking all the mascara (I only use it for my eyes, because I am cleaning the rest of my face with my locally made green tea soap), it makes no harm to the eyes and even stimulating the growth of lashes and brows AND nourishes the whole eye area!

  2. Face and body cream

    Amazing smell and texture for hydrating the face. Also, it makes magic with the skin. It’s highly recommended to even use it under the makeup!

  3. Hair treatment

    My newest minimalist routine is that I am using a Biobaza Body&Hair product for having a shower and brushing hair also. And for my hair, I don’t use anything more under the water. When it’s towel-dry, I am putting a tiny amount of coconut oil on the dyed parts of my hair (the ends) and then use the hairdryer. It really works! My hair doesn’t get greasy but it’s hydrated and very soft.

If you feel like going closer to zero waste, you can get a lot of inspiration from all around the internet. But what I am encouraging you to is to use your rational mind and try to get back to simple solutions. In our overcomplicated everyday life, it is a real pleasure to make things easier. Even if it is only for the beauty care.

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