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On the 24th of April, I held my first DIY self-care products workshop (DIY Delavnica) in Knof KNKT community space. I was happy to greet new members of the community who came to my event to network a bit with other, environment-friends.

On the workshop, I showed 4 very simple, minimalistic recipes, two of toothpaste and toothpowder, and two of natural deodorant. All products can be kept for an unlimited time and they won’t go bad. The reason why I wanted to stick to the easiest and simplest possible recipes is that my aim was to encourage participants to try experimenting with ingredients at home. With natural, DIY stuff, the results vary a lot. They depend on your personal preferences, your lifestyle, your health conditions and so on. Noone can show you the best recipe because probably you will have to change something on it to make it fit you the best possible. After making this clear to my participants, I presented the three recipes and we started creation. During the workshop, kinesiologist and natural essential oil expert, Tea Zaksek showed Doterra brand’s essential oils and we also discussed the difference between certified and high-quality essential oils and regular drugstore oils – not from the highest quality.

The for recipes we recreated:

Cinnamon toothpaste: antibacterial, providing a nice breath

(can also be used as a body scrub)

  • 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

  • 1 teaspoon of white clay

  • 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil

  • water in order to reach paste texture

Mix the ingredients together in a small glass container with a cap. The product can be put on the toothbrush by a small spatula.

My opinion: the consistency is a bit weird for me but since I love cinnamon, I will definitely use it after I am running out of my toothpowder below. 🙂

Ayurvedic toothpowder: natural scrub for the teeth, leaves amazing taste and breath

  • 1 ts. of clove

  • 1 ts. of cinnamon

  • 1 ts. of mace

  • 1 ts. of ginger

(all ground)

Mix the ingredients together in a small glass container with a cap. Wet your toothbrush with water, dip it to your powder and enjoy.

My opinion: this is my favorite! It really cleans the teeth and also the mouth. I always have a very fresh feeling after using it. In case of sensitive teeth, carefully with the used amount and stick to use it only once/day.

Minimalistic cream deodorant

  • 1-1,5 part coconut oil

  • 1 part cooking soda (sodabikarbona)

  • 1 part cornstarch

Mix the ingredients with a small spatula in a small glass container and keep it in a cool place. Also can be completed with essential oils. Exception for unlimited expiry date: it will be good for 1 month (6 months if stored in the fridge.)

My opinion: I prefer spray formats, and even, since I use the crystal deodorant that finally works out for me well, I don’t use anything else, just the body mist below to have a nice smell. Also, I have problems with sodabikarbona, my skin reacts sensitively to it on the armpits.

Body deodorant/refreshing body mist

  • approx. 1/2 tsp. cooking soda or 30 ml apple vinegar

  • approx. 20 ml water

  • 1-3 drops of preferred essential oil

Mix the ingredients in a 50 ml spray bottle (best is if it’s glass). Use it all over your body just to freshen up during the day.

My opinion: This is amazing, really refreshing and providing a nice, natural smell thank the essential oils.

The recipes are based on Gabriela Nedoma’s book but all was slightly changed according to my personal preferences.

Don’t believe me, try it yourself! Keep on experimenting!

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