Inspiration at it's best

When it comes to personal development it is crucial to get inspiration to have yourself in the very best mood to keep on going.

In a way, creative living is a power to keep going on the path of conscious improvement. This is why I try with all my tools to find my very own way of creative living.

But what does it even mean generally?

What is it like to live the creative life?

Copy of a slide from my “Inspiration at its best” workshop of Torkova Cajanka series.

Yeah, fear is always a component of the topic when we are talking about creativity. According to Elisabeth Gilbert, you cannot fight your fear because it is coded deep inside in you in order to prevent unlikely events in your life. In her approach, the only way to treat your fear effectively is to greet it, accept it and still, keep on going.

This is similar to what the commonly repeated phrase says:

To be brave doesn’t mean you are not afraid. It means you are still going despite your fear.”

I’m a lot more confident since I know it is okay to freak out and have fear. The only question is what is your next step despite your fears. Do you give up or do you continue? There are step-by-step methods that can be applied in everyday practice in order to learn how to not freeze when the fear is coming. For me for example, it is unimaginable to take a huge step that changes my life completely and totally in one single minute. I prefer to make smaller changes more often to get there. I intend to dedicate a post to fear-handling approaches. Stay tuned.

Inspiring interior. Source:

But let’s get back to the nature of inspiration. In my personal opinion, keeping ourselves inspired is based on a cycle:

  1. inspiration comes first,

  2. creativity and ideas come second,

  3. and motivation comes third.

So to start the cycle, I keen on looking for things that inspire me and then note all my ideas provided by inspirational environment, no matter if they make sense or not. For me, idea journal really works, because I am such a visual and writing type. If I write something down or make it visual somehow I will remember it and it will be built in my mind so that I can grab it when the moment comes to maybe use it somehow.

What is inspiring me?

  • Moments when human egocentrism gives it’s place over to the feeling of being small, vulnerable and a part of universal unity. This can sound cheesy but I deeply believe in the impact of these seconds. When you feel so small but still, safe.

  • People who dare to go against the expectations and concepts of being a “man, woman, child, parent, partner, lover, employer, employee, old, young blaaaaah blah blah”. Extremes are not my way, so I get inspired by people who can actually go against expectations without having the strong, aggressive attitude that can be contra productive when it comes to influencing others. What I personally want to learn the most is how to have the calm and confident self-belief and simply do my part, while trusting the process. I think I’m getting there slowly but it’s a still a journey.

  • Problems. In society, in the environment, in relationships, in LIFE. No surprise here, because if you are desperate about something and you are facing with challenges, your brain switches to another mode and you start to search for solutions. And here come the ideas…

  • My environment, where I live, where I work, my home, what I am surrounded by.

  • Nature. A quiet walk in the sunset can drop up to a thousand sparkles in the mind. The colors the smells, the textures… the list of what nature gives us never gets to an end.

To start up a creative way of living, the first step is to get inspired.

What makes you inspired?

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