Inspiration at it's best

When it comes to personal development it is crucial to get inspiration to have yourself in the very best mood to keep on going. In a way, creative living is a power to keep going on the path of conscious improvement. This is why I try with all my tools to find my very own... Bővebben →

Mission – and what is before it

Article and cover illustration from July issue of Vejzde, the local youth magazine. Are you afraid of getting bored in an 8-hours-a-day office job? You saw your parents work for money without being satisfied and gathering real self-esteem by doing something challenging that their heart would ask for deep inside? You decided to choose a... Bővebben →

DIY workshop and stuff in action

On the 24th of April, I held my first DIY self-care products workshop (DIY Delavnica) in Knof KNKT community space. I was happy to greet new members of the community who came to my event to network a bit with other, environment-friends. On the workshop, I showed 4 very simple, minimalistic recipes, two of toothpaste... Bővebben →

Tips and tricks to ride a rollercoaster

My article in May 2018 issue of Vejzde youth magazine of Sevnica. --- In the past 5 years I’ve been spending my time thinking about how to make the most out of my life. Let’s face it, it’s not always easy. Especially for a person who tends to feel miserable sometimes without any particular reason.... Bővebben →

Torkova Cajanka – The first community tale

Last time at Torkova Cajanka workshop we unintentionally created a new literary genre: the community tale. After talking about inspiration, we used our inspiration to inspire each other and to create a tale - told by the community. The tale of Torkova Cajanka was born. As a game to end the session, I asked the... Bővebben →

Old is the new black

Since I'm trying to switch to a more sustainable approach in beauty, I'm also interested in environmental aspects of the fashion industry - and generally, consuming fashion. In Hungary, we have the amazing Holy Duck blog with the outstanding writing style of Mengyán Eszter. Her work I think is totally relevant and needed to open... Bővebben → Weboldal. , Anders Noren fejlesztésében.

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